Help us create a hunger-free community!

It's the season of giving

Food Donation.jpgCADL cares about our community. That's why we're encouraging our staff and members to donate to the Greater Lansing Food Bank! Your donations will help to assure families, individuals, children, seniors and veterans in our community have access to nutritious food.  

Your decision to make a difference will impact so many lives. 

Every dollar donated may provide up to three meals for someone in need, allowing GLFB to provide food without interruption through their variety of programs and network of over 140 food pantries, shelters, and community kitchens in seven mid-Michigan counties. 

glfb-logo-x300.pngClick here to donate.


As a public service organization, CADL works to improve the lives of people in our communities by creating exceptional library service. Our CADL Cares initiative adds to this service by coordinating special fundraising events, and by giving staff members the opportunity to volunteer for local organizations. 

If you want us to consider supporting your organization or cause, please reach out to our CADL CARES Committee today.