Farewell to the Little Library That Could

From the moment I read it I was enchanted with Watty Piper’s 1930 children’s book, The Little Engine that Could.  I can still remember the colorful pictures including the train car filled with shiny apples and oranges.  What stuck with me was, of course the message of the persevering little train.  I recall using the “I think I can” message to motivate me when learning a variety of things in childhood, from flips on a trampoline to being brave while riding a jumping course on horseback.   

Over my seven years I’ve often thought of our Mason Library branch as the Little Library that Could.  Our building isn’t large or new, and our collection isn’t very big, but we’re bustling with activity from materials checkouts, to serving as a community gathering place, while serving as a branch that draws many patrons to our event offerings year-round.     

Our building could serve as a book character in and of itself.  Opened to the public in 1938, it was built by Albert J. Hall on the site of his childhood home. Mr. Hall built the library in memorial to his beloved wife, Ada Hall, and it has served as a strong and mighty library for generations, marking the entrance into its 9th decade in 2019.  

Situated on a lovely street just off Main (Jefferson) Street, a block from the historic County Courthouse, our CADL Mason Library is an important part, and serves as a community living room of sorts in our town.  If our library could speak it would have so many tales to tell.  It’s fun to just sit and think of all of the patrons who have come through our doors, and to imagine all of the stories they enjoyed through the library, and also their own stories.   

It is with bittersweet feelings that I find myself on this beautiful June day saying goodbye to you, our wonderful library patrons, and our excellent CADL Mason Staff as I leave to take a position as the Selector for Adult Non-Fiction and Physical AV materials at CADL, working out of our Downtown Lansing Administrative Offices.  My first week in the new position starts June 24th, and I wish that I had had the opportunity to say a better goodbye to all of the patrons and community members I had the pleasure to meet and work with in my seven years as your Mason Library Head.   

Best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable summer full of happy reading to all of you.  It has been a true pleasure to serve the Mason Community. 


Cheryl Lindemann