Early Literacy Skills and Building Readers Go Together!

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Capital Area District Libraries is dedicated to helping children gain early literacy skills. We believe that literacy begins at home and that is why we have adopted the 5 practices, from the Every Child Ready to Read program. It emphasizes parent education and gives parents the tools to use the 5 practices at home. 

Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play!


Caregivers can do these 5 practices at home in small bits of time, and may already be doing some or all of these things. These help children gain the early literacy skills that help them through school and life. Being more intentional and knowledgable with these practices can give a greater purpose and importance to parent and child interactions. Also, knowing that you are already doing so much to help your child can be a great motivator.


To support parents, CADL incorporates the 5 practices into our Storytimes and Playtimes. During Storytimes, our storytellers encourage parent and child interaction and model how to read to your child. They also incorporate songs and talking into Storytime; letting parents know what they are doing and why it is important. Many of our Storytimes end with play and activities that help develop not only imaginative play, but fine motor skills that are valuable for writing. By incorporating the 5 practices into programming, we make it more purposeful and provide the tools for parents to continue at home.

Many of our branches incorporate a play space that is developed around the 5 practices. This allows parent and child to play and learn. All activities and toys are selected with the early literacy skills in mind. Branches also have Raising Reader iPads that are preloaded with apps that promote early literacy skills.

Building readers, one book at a time.


We also promote early literacy through our Building Readers program. Its mission is to work with medical professionals and community organizations to provide a foundation of success for children, from birth to age 5, by encouraging and educating parents and caregivers to read aloud with their children.

We accomplish our mission by providing books and literacy information to medical professionals and community organizations that focus on assisting families with young children. In exchange we ask that our partners distribute one book to children ages 0-5/per visit and discuss the importance of reading to their child.

The Building Readers program currently delivers books to 5 sites. We are also seeking additional funding to support our currents partners and expand to others, so we can continue to serve the community.

Also, on April 14, CADL will be at the annual Greater Lansing Baby Fair to share our early literacy information and provide some fun activities for children and caregivers. For more information about the Greater Lansing Baby Fair visit lansingbabyfair.com.

For more information about the 5 practices and our early literacy programming and resources stop by any of our 13 branches.


Melissa C., CADL South Lansing