DeDe's Weekly Downloads: List 9

Listeners can tune in throughout the day for great music and to hear “DeDe’s Weekly Download”—a recommended book, movie or album from their morning personality. The second round of titles all appear below, all available for download or streaming from CADL's digital collection.

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My Murder by Katie Williams

Okemos native Williams sets her slightly futuristic thriller-with-a-twist in and around the capital city and follows a “restored” woman’s attempts to solve her own murder. 

Better Living Through Birding: Notes from a Black Man in the Natural World by Christian Cooper

In this engaging memoir, self-described black queer nerd Cooper, known to many as the “Central Park Birder” shows how birding relates to life through his personal story, travel recollections, and birding tips.

Dearborn by Ghassan Zeineddine

A debut collection of humorous and heartwarming stories about the Arab American community in Dearborn from a recent Michigan Notable award-winning editor.

Fearless Finances: A Timeless Guide to Building Wealth by Cassandra Cummings

Written by the financial advisor who founded the women’s investing group, Stocks and Stilettos, this book helps demystify financial concepts and guides readers on the path of building generational wealth.  

Holding the Note: Profiles in Popular Music by David Remnick

In a series of fascinating essays Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and New Yorker editor Remnick writes about the lives of a wide range of popular musicians, from Buddy Guy to Patti Smith.

Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes

When a syndicate kidnaps Captain Eva’s sister for a ransom, it’s counting on her reputation for recklessness. So begins a madcap space opera series starter featuring a motley crew in a run of increasingly strange and dangerous missions.

Soil: The Story of a Black Mother's Garden by Camille Dungy

Poetry, gardening, and social justice collide in Camille Dungy’s beautiful memoir of the development of her home garden in the predominantly white community of Fort Collins, Colorado.  

What We Fed to the Manticore by Talia Lakshmi Kolluri

This a thought-provoking collection of stories exploring the environmental impacts of humans—but all told from the point of view of an animal.

Last Call at Coogan’s: The Life and Death of a Neighborhood Bar by Jon Michaud 

This is the story of an Irish bar in the multi-ethnic, majority immigrant community in New York City’s Washington Heights that served the community through 35 years of challenges and transitions.  

The Museum of Failures by Thrity Umrigar

Remy Wadia, is back in Bombay to adopt a child, and to check in on his estranged mother. But nothing is quite working out as planned. A moving story of family secrets, forgiveness, and understanding.

An American Family: The Shakurs and the Nation They Created by Santi Elijah Holley

Through extensive research journalist and historian Holley reconstructs the Shakur family tree, from Saladin Shakur, an associate of Malcolm X to the late rapper Tupac, and in doing so tells a riveting story of Black resistance. 

Real Self-Care: A Transformative Program for Redefining Wellness (Crystals, Cleanses, and Bubble Baths Not Included) by Pooja Lakshmin MD

Psychiatrist Lakshmin takes a look at the systems, behavior, and beliefs that increase burnout and provides a multifaceted approach for achieving greater self-care beyond quick fix solutions.