Character Growth Comes in all Genres

Character growth comes in all genres.

That’s something I learned when I used to run a book group. I got to know the people in the group, and while their reading styles were as diverse as it can get, I noticed that one thing they all enjoyed was storylines where characters were tested and grew from their challenges. Finding and fostering that commonality allowed all of us to expand our horizons and enjoy ourselves.

This year hasn’t been without its challenges, and like the characters in the books my group loved so much we ourselves have gone a long way in overcoming them. Even enjoying them!

Community is important to us here at CADL Holt-Delhi. Everything we have to offer as a library is born from the creativity of my staff, and the care they have for their community and each other. From Take & Makes for adults to our new Bookaholics book group we’re all willing to lend a hand. We grow from each new idea and learn from each new experience.

This spring I encourage you to challenge yourself to new ideas. Expand on the possibilities open to you and foster the things you enjoy. You might just be surprised what you learn.

Karon Walter, Head Librarian of CADL Holt-Delhi