Cassidy Gould Receives Director's Award

Hi all,

I’m so pleased to give the May Director’s Award to Cassidy Gould, the Online Content and Social Media Coordinator in our Marketing Department. Cassidy has done a fantastic job at her position. During our emergency closure and working from home environment, she has excelled. Through her work, CADL staff have been able to connect with our patrons through virtual programs such as storytimes, book talks and BookSleuth Live. She has not only worked “behind the scenes” in getting staff trained and managing the live event, she has also become one of the presenters for our Facebook Live events.

Because of this added content and Marketing’s great promotion on social media, our engagement with our patrons has truly reached new levels. Cassidy, thank you for your forward-thinking approach and your ability to get us to connect with our patrons in these difficult times. We’ve heard great stories from our patrons on how important it is for their families to have access to our programs during their time at home. You took many of us who have never done a Facebook Live event and made us feel very comfortable. For all your hard work, you are truly deserving of the Director’s Award.

Thank you,

Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director