CADL to Participate in Libraries for Life

When one chapter ends, another begins...

If you've ever seen the classic Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, you probably remember the dark and ominous scene with the Evil Queen. She calls on her faithful huntsman to take Snow White's heart and bring it back in a box. Spoiler Alert: The huntsman reaches into his own heart and refuses the task, giving the princess the chance to live happily ever after. 

Even though we're not living in a Disney movie, I think we can all agree that evil queens have no business taking hearts - especially when 22 people die each day awaiting a transplant.

Give the Gift of Life

About 3,000 people in Michigan alone are waiting for a transplant to bring them hope. That's why CADL is proud to join this year's Michigan Libraries for Life campaign, encouraging residents to consider becoming a donor. From Oct. 10-16, visit the donor information table at these branches during open hours: CADL Downtown LansingCADL HaslettCADL Holt-DelhiCADL LeslieCADL MasonCADL South LansingCADL Stockbridge and CADL Williamston.

Despite more than 95% of Americans supporting organ, tissue and eye donation, only 62% of adults in Michigan have joined the donor registry. That discrepancy is largely due to people not knowing how to join the donor registry, or having unanswered questions about donation. Stop into one of our participating branches to see how you could help give someone their happily ever after.

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