Computers donated to RDC

CADL donated over two dozen older computers to the Refugee Development Center with all their accessories. The below statement was printed in the organization's online newsletter.

"Last week, the RDC was fortunate to receive over two dozen computers in great condition with all their accessories from Capital Area District Libraries (CADL), plus helpful instructions and an abundance of Refugee family uses computer donated by library. goodwill. A huge thank you to the staff members at CADL who organized the pickup! This thoughtful donation will provide (and already has!) life changing access to information for many families. 
CADL does amazing things everywhere in the Greater Lansing Area, and has many resources and programs that directly support refugees and newcomers. We're so glad to have them as a partner, and we appreciate all the work they do." - Refugee Development Center

CADL is a valuable community partner, reaching out with library services to schools, churches, senior centers and more. Our staff participates in hometown parades and celebrations, supports local charities and service organizations, and partners with other community groups across the county.

Read more about our community outreach efforts on our CADL Cares page.