A Big Thanks to Our Patrons

Photo of children dancing at CADL OkemosThis summer marked Capital Area District Libraries’ 20th year in existence. It was created as a system with a dedicated millage from libraries within the Lansing School District and Ingham County. The millage affords us a stable source of income that provides about 90 percent of our budget.

In August, CADL’s four-year millage was renewed by 71 percent of the citizens who voted on the proposal. That’s a strong indication that people understand libraries provide a sense of community, a foundation for literacy and technical help that no other business does. Thank you to the 37,097 voters district-wide who approved another four years of receiving excellent libraries services and collections.

Thanks also to the 46,673 visitors who came to the Okemos branch during June, July and the first few weeks of August. The summer months are the busiest time of year for us, and our numbers reflect that. Over 2,900 people came to the 97 programs we offered. Some came to use the computers. We logged 227 sessions where people received individual help tech with their computer, phone or other mobile device. 

As head librarian I get called upon to do the glamour job of conducting interviews with local TV, radio, newspaper and other media outlets. I also get to plunge plugged sinks and toilets, haul out the recycling and climb on ladders to adjust light fixtures. Depending on the website, plunging a toilet is a lot easier than completing an online job application or other form!

And no matter how many times I have replaced bulbs, I still curse the engineer who designed these florescent fixtures as I am not patient with hand-to-eye coordination. Truthfully, I would rather plunge a toilet than vacuum carpets any day as I get tangled in cords.

Capital Area District Libraries’ Okemos branch is located at 4321 Okemos Road in Okemos. For more information, call 517-347-2021 or visit cadl.org.

-Betsy H., Head Librarian at CADL Okemos