Beginning with Beginning Books

If you have a young reader in your house, you know how confusing the world of beginner reader books can be. What level is my child reading at?  Why does this publisher’s series of “Level 1” books have longer, more complex sentences than this other publisher’s? 

Generally, Beginning Readers (sometimes called Easy Readers or Early Readers) come in different levels (usually numbered 1-4). But you will find that there is no consistency between publishers – one publisher’s “Level 2” might be another’s “Level 3”. Which is why to help make choosing the right book for your child easier, CADL South Lansing has color coded our Easy Reader collection. 

When you stop in CADL South Lansing, you will find the collection divided into four groups – from easiest with limited number of words per page, to the most complex with longer sentences and more sophisticated vocabulary.  We have assigned these levels based on a combination of Lexile scores when available, number of words per page, difficulty of words, format, size of typeface, length, quality and nature of artwork.   

Come in to see our beginning reading collection – we have fiction and non-fiction in a variety of subjects for children of all reading levels.  And if you find that you need assistance, we are always there to help.

Kathy Z., Youth Services Librarian at CADL South Lansing