Angela Atkins-Eddins Receives Director's Award

I’m pleased to announce that the March Director’s Award was given to Angela Atkins-Eddins, Human Resources Assistant. Angela does so many things, but I wanted to highlight two very, very important areas: staffing and paychecks. We can’t function without staff, and Angela is wonderful at communicating with applicants to schedule interviews and following up with any questions they might have. The other area that is so important for all of us is our paychecks.

Angela Atkins-Eddins and Scott Duimstra.jpgAngela works very hard to make sure payroll is entered and that it’s correct. These are the activities not all of us see, but they need to be highlighted because of their importance. Along with these duties, Angela is great to work with. She’s friendly to staff, patrons and applicants. So Angela, thank you for all that you do for CADL.

Your work and friendly demeanor is greatly appreciated!

 - Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director