All Aboard!

Train Table.jpgNestled in between the picture books in the heart of the Youth Room is one of the true treasures of the library... the train table. It is the highlight of the library for many of our young visitors. You may recall that we started 2022 with a new train table. We spent time carefully fitting and gluing track pieces into place. Twists and turns, bridges and tunnels all fixed into one incredible winding and complicated track.

It was perfection.

But the young creative geniuses who visited disagreed.

They wanted to tear it all down, to build anew in their own unique way. They wanted to test new theories, explore new ways and problem solve on their own. Despite the glue and screws and tape, the track was literally torn apart in their desire to create and build. As much as we tried to repair and affix again our determined engineers would not allow their creativity to be stymied. So, we bought a new track. One that will not be glued or affixed.

To all you track masters young and old, come and dream and create at the library. Let your creations spill off the table and onto the floor if need be. We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you. 

Thomas Moore, CADL Haslett Head Librarian