Millage Restore Vote

The results are in...

The Millage Restore Vote passed by 69% with nearly 34,000 yes votes. Thank you for your support!

Election Day: August 2, 2022

CADL has operated successfully under the same millage rate of 1.56 mills since 2006. However, the rate was reduced twice over the last two years to the current rate of 1.5528 mills. This was due to an amendment in the Michigan Constitution that requires local governments to reduce millage rates when growth on existing property is greater than the rate of inflation (the Headlee Amendment). On Aug. 2 voters will be asked to restore CADL’s millage rate back to 1.56 mills.

CADL Impact

In the last four years, CADL memberships have increased by 14%. Members checked out 8.5 million items, while 2.8 million  visits were made to our libraries. Restoring our millage will allow CADL to continue providing impactful library services to our communities, including books, movies and music in multiple formats; internet access; expert staff; educational resources for over 20,000 area students; and programming for all ages.

Measure the value of CADL services for you and your family using our library value calculator.

Millage Facts—No Fiction

Almost 90% of our funding comes from an operating millage, which allows us to operate 13 branches, a Mobile Library, and outreach services to children, seniors, and underserved populations. The previously reduced millage rate of 1.5528 mills expired on Dec. 31, 2021.  

If this new millage is approved, it would restore and increase the millage rate to 1.56 mills. The average taxable value of a home in Ingham County is $65,882* (home valued at $131,764), so the cost of 1.56 mills would be $102.78 per year. This is only a 47¢ per year increase from the current reduced millage rate of 1.5528 mills. If the millage does not pass, many library services will be eliminated, and branches may have to close.

 *Source: 2022 Ingham County Equalization Report, p.19