Enter to Win a Digital Device!


“What a Digital Device Would Mean to Me” 

Today’s internet provides a wealth of information, education and opportunity to those who can access it. But sometimes access is limited by the services available in a geographic area, or by a lack of personal technology (computer, tablet, smartphone) needed to use it. The term “digital divide” refers to this gap between groups of people who can easily find and use online resources, and those who can’t.  

This year, kids and teens are facing unique learning challenges that require them to use digital devices for their education. CADL has committed to helping bridge the digital divide locally by giving away a selection of devices. It’s open to kids and teens who are CADL members and who have completed all levels of our 2020 Summer Reading Challenge. A minimum of 20 devices (such as iPads, Chromebooks or other tech gear) will be awarded. 

To be entered to win one of these items, tell us how it would impact your learning or creative interests. You can write or draw your answer, or do a combination of both.  

You must use an official entry form. Here’s how to get one: 

  • If CADL branches are open, you may stop by and pick up a form (open hours will be based on health guidelines—check here for current information). 

The deadline for entry is 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8. To submit your form: 

  • If you have access to a computer and scanner, you can email a scan to devices@cadl.org

  • If CADL branches are open, you can drop it off there (open hours will be based on health guidelines—check here for current information). 

  • You may snail mail it to: Digital Device Contest, Capital Area District Libraries, 401 S. Capitol Ave., Lansing, MI 48933 

Please feel free to share information about this contest with any children or teens you think would benefit from having a digital device available to them. 

Not signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge? Registration is now open.