Renewing Your Card


Keeping Your Card Current & Valid

Cards must be renewed in person with current photo ID and proof of current address. Any fines and charges must be paid before a card can be renewed. When renewing a child's card, both the child and the parent/guardian must be present.

A CADL card cannot be used if:

Request a 21-Day Extension

Haven't had time yet to renew your card?

In certain situations we can extend your card's expiration date by 21 days if your card has expired and you haven't had the opportunity to visit the library.

You can get a one-time, 21-day extension of your library card expiration date as long as:

  • You owe less than $10 and you do not have an unresolved collection agency referral.
  • You are an adult or the signing parent/guardian for a child. (For children's cards, the child must still be under age 18.)

To request an extension, please submit this form.

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