Celtic Chillout

  • Type: Music
  • By: David Arkenstone
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Classical & Instrumental
  • Recommended by: Courtney T.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9786313576678
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Melodies of Multipurpose Madness

Recently I’ve been trying out “ambient” style music and I hit the jackpot with David Arkenstone on hoopla.

Although the range of what is available from him is supremely impressive in and of itself, my favorite go to album so far is Celtic Chillout. 

This is, shockingly, exactly as it’s described: “Celtic” and “Chillout”. I have no idea how Arkenstone managed to capture and combine the earthy ethereal magic of Celtic music with the low-fi vibes of some easygoing synthwave, but here we are. 

It’s the match-up I never knew I needed but now I fall back on it for such activities as:
-    Doing dishes
-    Relaxing shower
-    Focus at work
-    Nice long drive
-    Just chillin’ to music

If you’d like to listen to something interesting and unique, give this a try! For a slightly higher BPM, you can also try “Celtic Chillout Beats”. 

Extremely on-the-nose titles aside, if you like instrumental music of the spa, sleep, nature sounds, Celtic, or lounge varieties, there are a lot of great albums from David Arkenstone in hoopla that might appeal to you.