A Volcano Beneath the Snow

Is John Brown the father of "American Terrorism" or a hero?

John Brown is an American icon in the fight against slavery. His actions have left a legacy of discourse, stories, and songs that glorify and demonize him. John Brown was a white abolitionist who believed that armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery. He planned and executed the raid on Harper’s Ferry in an effort to arm slaves and lead an uprising. It became an important event in the lead up to the civil war and made the war inevitable. In A Volcano Beneath the Snow, Albert Marrin, National Book Award Finalist, tells the story of John Brown and a nation on the brink of civil war. In an effort to create a complete understanding of the circumstances, Marrin contextualizes John Brown.  He explores the political state of the country and its attitudes towards slavery; including a background on the slave trade. Key individuals and events in the fight over slavery and the union are identified and discussed. This is a well-research examination of John Brown and his dramatic raid on Harpers Ferry and its immediate and modern repercussions. Included are excellent illustrations that provide visual examples of the information provided in the text. These include cartoons, paintings, posters, and photographs. A Volcano Beneath the Snow is a book that is written for a teen audience, but may appeal to the general public. It is accessible, gripping, and informative. It is sure to spark discussions. Highly recommended to readers interested in the United States history, slavery, and John Brown.