A Study in Silks

  • Type: Books
  • By: Emma Jane Holloway
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror
  • Recommended by: Jessica T.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9780345537188
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A magical clockwork twist on the world of Sherlock Holmes…

Evelina Cooper, Holmes’ niece, was raised between worlds—first among the carnival folk of her father’s family and later on the edge of society under the patronage of her Grandmother Holmes. Evelina is instinct and magic, combined with curiosity, logic, and hyperawareness. In this trilogy starter, she finds herself at the heart of a series of dark mysteries when murder and politics threatens her best friend’s family. The story is set in a dark version of Victorian England where steam barons are the equivalent of Mob bosses, but with infinitely more apparent political power, and where magic is a hanging offense. Plots, scandal, and an intriguing twist of magic make this an interesting take on the Holmesian canon. Be ready to follow it up with A Study in Darkness and A Study in Ashes.