Compare Streaming Video Services

We have two services that offer movies and television shows: Kanopy and hoopla. Many users utilize both to maximize entertainment value, but it may be difficult to differentiate and choose between the two. Here are some comparisons of the two services. 

  • Browse and checkout titles from Kanopy
  • Browse and checkout titles from hoopla

For more information on each service, including instructions and FAQs, please see our Overview pages.





Stream titles on computers, mobile devices, and Smart TVs

 Kanopy: yes

 hoopla: yes

Download titles for offline viewing

 Kanopy: no

 hoopla: mobile devices only

How many items can I check out?

 Kanopy: 8 titles a month

  • "The Great Courses" and "Kanopy Kids" are unlimited access and will not count against your check out credits

 hoopla: 12 items a month

How many items can I have on hold?

 Kanopy: no holds; all items always available

 hoopla: no holds; all items always available

Independent and foreign films

 Kanopy: very strong

 hoopla: some

Kids entertainment TV shows

Kanopy: wide selection available through Kanopy Kids

 hoopla: wide selection available