What’s So Great About Storytime at the Library?

Plenty! If you’re wondering why you should bring your child or grandchild to the library for storytime, here are some reasons:


  • Storytime helps with school readiness. Activities such as reading, writing, talking, singing and playing image.jpghelp build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


  • Storytime helps children learn to interact with the people around them. It’s a fun way to introduce young children to sharing, listening and cooperating with others.


  • Storytime helps introduce (or build upon) the joy of books and reading. Children who are read to regularly tend to develop a love of reading, which in turn helps them succeed in school and life.


  • CADL storytime leaders project their love and enthusiasm for the stories into their readings. Even if children are read to at home, being among other kids and adults who also love storytime can help amplify their love of reading.


  • CADL storytime leaders do more than read stories. They create movement games, crafts and sing songs to have even more fun during Storytime!


  • Storytime can benefit parents and grandparents as well! Not only is it precious time spent with your child/grandchild, but you can make friends with other parents and grandparents of young children and share the experiences, ups and downs of taking care of children. You will also learn songs and activities to share at home to help support reading readiness. 


Attending storytime is a great reason for a trip to the library, and ensures that your child will look forward to visiting the library any time! While you are there be sure to pick out books to take home and read together. To find a storytime near you, click the link here.

Charlotte K. & Deb M. CADL Aurelius