There's a Lot to Learn

Think back to your classroom days… have you ever wished all your schoolwork would go up in smoke? For some Ingham county kids that wish became a reality when the wood stoves and fireplaces used to heat their schools would burn them right down!

I’ve learned a lot about the early days of education through the historic one-room schoolhouses that were popular throughout the area. Did you know….

Webb School in Aurelius Township.jpg

  • Some schools opened as early as 1840, pre-dating the United States/Canada border!
  • State of Michigan regulations dictated all schools had to be a common size and design.
  • Many schoolhouses are still around and in-use today as private homes, businesses and museums.

It’s fascinating! As someone who began their professional career as a schoolteacher, I love learning things like this. Education is important to me and I carried that passion over to my job at the library.

We won’t make schoolwork go up in smoke, but we did build some awesome education initiatives to bring learning into the 21st century.

  • Student Success Initiative. All Mason Public School students now have access to a CADL card, regardless of residence. They’ve been a hit, with one parent saying, “Thanks to you and your team for a great experience… The books were perfect and the look on his face when he saw them was priceless - a Christmas morning look.”
  • To-Go Learning Kits. Kids can take home an entire library experience with Storytime kits, STEM activity kits and more.
  • Adult Enrichment. The learning doesn’t stop when you’re an adult! Folks in our area seem to enjoy our history presentations, like the one about one-room schoolhouses, but we offer learning opportunities for many activities and interests.

Connect with us, you might learn some fascinating things!

Jennifer DeGroat, Head Librarian of CADL Aurelius ​​​​

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