Stockbridge 3rd to Join the Student Success Initiative

We’re delighted to announce that the Stockbridge branch of Capital Area District Libraries is now implementing the Student Success Initiative! This initiative provides students with access to library services and resources that will help them cultivate literacy growth and development.

Sherri McConnell, the head librarian of the Stockbridge Branch, said "I've gotten a lot of interest from teachers on what CADL resources are available to them with the SSI card. I've also been working with journalists from Uncaged, the Stockbridge High School student newspaper, who are exploring how the resources offered by the SSI card benefit students in a rural community."

Over 1,300 students in Stockbridge Community Schools have been given a library account as part of the SSI. It doesn’t matter where the student resides – anyone enrolled can get a card. Instead of keeping track of physical cards, students can access library materials simply by using an access code given by the school or showing their ID.

The student accounts will allow them to check out up to three books or audiobooks, as well as grant them unlimited access to CADL’s digital collections, online resources and library computers. Any existing CADL accounts will not be affected by the new student account, and vice versa.

We look forward to expanding the Student Success Initiative to more schools within the year. If you have any questions you can contact Sherri McConnell at (517) 851-7810 or