Spring has Sprung, and so have the Gardens!

Mother Nature is a tease this year.


I woke up one morning after a particularly lovely couple of days to ice hitting the window. I felt like Charlie Brown must have when Lucy grabbed his football. 


If you choose to live in Michigan you may be like me and appreciate the distinct seasonal changes. We are enjoying some sunshine lately and that seems to cheer people up, even with a bit of chill still in the air. Everyone is certainly looking forward to spring and there seems to be one subject driving conversations as members request help searching for information...



If you have an established garden, do yourself a favor and take a look at "The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: The Essential Guide to Planting and Pruning Techniques," by DiSabato-Aust. It's available in print or digital formats. Sadly, I read it last year but only after cutting back hydrangeas that set future buds on old wood. Oops.


If vegetable gardening is your summer crave, look no further than "All New Square Foot Gardening," by Mel Bartholomew. This title provides great tips and tricks on how to use a minimal amount of space for the largest yield. 


For lots more great gardening titles, browse cadl.org/catalog. Remember to check hoopla for gardening titles because they are available on demand with your library card.


Capital Area District Libraries’ Downtown Lansing branch is located at 401 S. Capitol Avenue. For more information, call 517-367-6363.


Michele B., CADL Downtown Lansing