Reader's Roundtable Episode 40: Summer Wrap-Up

Check out what titles we got to, and what we’re still looking forward to reading.

Jessica’s Titles: 

A Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark

The Haunting of Tram Car 015 by P. Djèlí Clark short story “A Dead Djinn in Cairo.”

Broken Horses by Brandi Carlile

The Other Me by Sarah Zachrich Jeng


On the top of my toppling To Be Read (TBR) pile:

The Hidden Palace by Helen Wecker (sequel to The Golem and the Jinni)


Mari’s Titles:

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss by Amy Noelle Parks

Summer of Brave by Amy Noelle Parks

The Dockporter: A Mackinac Island Novel by Dave McVeigh & Jim Bolone

Be A Tree! By Maria Gianferrari

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor : The Woman Who Loved Reptiles by Patricia Valdez

The Night Walk by Marie Dorléans

We Are Still Here! Native American Truths Everyone Should Know by Traci Sorell


Cheryl’s Titles: 

Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food:  Deliciously Doable Ways to Cook Greens, Tofu, and Other Plant-Based Ingredients  by Hsiao-Ching Chou

Chinese Soul Food: A Friendly Guide for Homemade Dumplings, Stir-Fries, Soups, and More by Hsiao-Ching Chou

Floratopia: 110 Flower Garden Ideas for Your Yard, Patio, or Balcony by Jan Johnsen

Gardentopia: Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces by Jan Johnsen

Horse Girls: Recovering, Aspiring, and Devoted Riders Define the Iconic Bond ed. By Halimah Marcus

Walking Your Octopus: A Guide to the Domesticated Cephalopod by Brian Kesinger

Brian Kessinger’s Website

Madhouse at the End of the Earth:  The Belgica’s Journey into the Dark Antarctic Night by Julian Sancton

Lessons from Plants by Beronda L. Montomery