Paul Crandall to Retire as CADL Stockbridge's Head Librarian

Moving Forward

Paul Crandall served as Stockbridge Library's head librarian for years before the Ingham County libraries merged with the three Lansing libraries 21 years ago. It was through this merge that Capital Area District Libraries formed. 

Executive Director of Capital Area District Libraries Scott Duimstra said, "Paul has been the heart of the library in Stockbridge. His dedication to understanding the community and offering outstanding programs, services and community partnerships is so appreciated and will be missed,".

Duimstra continued "I’m a bit sad that he won’t be my coworker, but so happy that he’ll enjoy his retirement because there’s no one that’s more deserving."

Never the type to slow down, Crandall plans on staying active in his community during retirement. "A common question I’m getting is whether my wife, Jo, and I plan to move, but we have no plans to do that. We love this community, feel at home here, and look forward to sticking around," said Crandall. 

Music has been a part of Crandall's life for many years. "I want to practice more, play more, hear other people play more, and educate myself about music, generally. I am very much looking forward to that," said Crandall. He's taken part in last September's SongLab performances and recordings, as well as the ongoing Summer Market Music series

Crandall's last day is April 26. There will be a small party to celebrate with him at the library on April 25, from 3-5:30 p.m. Anyone who wishes to come is welcome.  

Get to know Paul:Paul Crandall

  • Paul grew up in Grand Rapids
  • He has a journalism degree from MSU, and a master's in Library and Information Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
  • Some of his hobbies include hiking, bee-keeping and brewing beer
  • He can play the keyboard


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