Parents, We Salute You

Back to school is coming up fast, and with the 3rd grade reading law looming it’s more important than ever to engrain your child with the necessary early literacy skills. Many parents know this and want their child to become a successful reader, but sometimes children struggle to learn these vital skills.

Despite the many different strategies offered by experts, it’s often easier said than done. My 8-year-old son struggled from birth to learn many things – including reading. As parents we struggled because we knew the strategies to help my son read, but the progress was slow. It was heartbreaking to know our child was falling behind and the only things we could do was get extra help and work hard. One day for my son it just clicked. His reading growth accelerated, and he caught up with his peers. Of all the combinations of things that may have led to that milestone, perhaps the most important was having people who were there for him.

Parents, we salute you and appreciate all the hard work to promote your child's success. The staff here at CADL have helped many different readers. We are happy to do our part by recommending a book, suggest a strategy or provide a listening ear. The staff at the library is here to support you and all types of readers.

Jeff A., CADL Leslie