Now That's What I Call Music - At The Library!

One of the first things I checked out in my college dorm library was an album by The The. I know I’m really dating myself with this band reference. I’ll really show my age when I admit that this was just after CD’s hit the scene and made our mixed tapes obsolete, but before the internet and the rise of Napster and more recently, Spotify and other streaming services. The way we consume music always changes, but the library’s role remains the same: to connect you with the artists you love and introduce you to new sounds.

CADL has a wide collection of physical music media; my favorites to check out are the various artist collections with hard-to-find tracks including Left of the Dial: dispatches from the 80’s underground. This is a four-disc set that remind me of what I consider the Golden Age of our beloved local student radio, Impact 89 FM. If you weren’t a part of the Alternative and New Wave eras, or you want to catch up on trends (what is Drone Metal? Did I miss something?) you can read all about it in Appetite for Definition: an A-Z Guide to Rock Genres.  If you were recently stunned by the absence of vehicle CD players, there’s no need to retrofit your dashboard! CADL has you covered with streaming music courtesy of hoopla. My favorite feature is the Popular page which helps me find new grooves. Now that’s what I call music – at your library!

Heather G., Head Librarian at CADL Mason