Need a Performance Boost?

Hey, Spartan Nation! Is anyone else feeling a bit…deflated right now? Like some of the shine’s been rubbed off your sparkly green and white spirit?

We’ve diagnosed the source of this problem as the rough patch our beloved basketball team is going through. And as librarians, we stand ready to help! We’re happy to provide a list of reading suggestions for any player who could use some inspiration at this crucial moment.

basketball skills and drills.jpg

As any coach will tell you, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics.

you are a badass.jpg

stop self sabotage.jpg

A few perfectly-titled self-help guides have been known to light a fire.

after the fall.jpg

Figuring out how to rebound from a poor performance is a tried and true strategy.

through the banks of the red cedar.jpg

Of course, every Spartan can feel refreshed by hanging around our beautiful campus for a while.

Hope these suggestions help bring the sparkle back to Spartan Nation!