The Magic of Membership: Part 1

What is the value of a library card?

CD132-0552 smaller.jpgEvery year, I appreciate the chance to talk about the importance of library cards. Encouraging people to enjoy all the benefits of membership comes easily, since I truly believe that having a library card is like having a magic wand that can open up a world of opportunity.

This year, with all the challenges big and small that have become part of our everyday lives, that fact resonates more deeply than ever. There has never been a better time—or more compelling reasons—to take advantage of the valuable education and entertainment resources at Capital Area District Libraries.

Education Resources

Families with school-aged kids need more support than ever as they face a year of homeschooling, virtual learning, in-school sessions or some sort of hybrid. Based on an ongoing week-by-week survey of 500 public school parents, the American Enterprise Institute reports that a majority are concerned about a lack of consistent remote instruction and their students’ potential learning loss.

A CADL membership can help fill some of the gaps, offering resources and subscriptions to students from preschool through high school. Many are online services that can be accessed from anywhere, including STEM resources, language learning modules, encyclopedias and test prep.

Career-Building Resources

Many adults are facing new challenges as businesses shut down, reduce hours or instigate layoffs.  CADL serves as a career-building resource, offering free access to resources such as That gives our members the opportunity to learn valuable new skills in fields like business, technology, and the creative arts. For job seekers, CADL offers personalized help with online applications and resume writing.

See where the magic comes in?

At CADL we turn library cards into hundreds of dollars worth of valuable services. In fact, the amount that families will save just by checking out one library item per week, instead of purchasing it, is over $900 a year.

CADL memberships are free to residents of our service area, which includes most of Ingham County and parts of Eaton County. Find all the details here. You can even sign up at our website, just by entering your residency information. Then sit back and let the magic begin…right here!

The magic doesn't stop here. Check out what CADL offers for the hobbyists, readers and consumers!

Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director