Libraries bring knowledge to the community

Recently I went to a workshop that brought together librarians, urban farmers, cosmetologists and academics. The idea was to connect science with the skill of cosmetology--creating a bridge between them that helps introduce new concepts to those in the cosmetology field while demonstrating a practical application for science. 

I was unsure how it would come together, but it did. We made an Arduino pH sensor to test the pH level of a variety of products. We also created homemade products and discussed how the knowledge we gained can be shared with others.

You may be wondering where libraries came into the equation. As is often the case, we were the bridge makers! The library created the space, supplied the participants, and offered knowledge that allowed this unique group to come together and learn. When the workshop was over, the cosmetologists, urban farmers, academics and librarians expressed interest inLinkedin Learning Logo meeting again and finding resources to answer new questions that arose.   

Libraries offer many opportunities and resources that bring knowledge to the community. Through programs, technology, movies, music, and books, they connect people to new ideas. Anyone interested in making unexpected connections, or in gaining knowledge to advance professional or personal interests, should check out the library for programs, services and free resources like LinkedIn Learning (aka  

                                                               - Melissa Cole, CADL South Lansing