Levi LaBruzzy Earns Director's Award

Levi LaBruzzy_July 2023.jpgI’m thrilled to announce that the Director’s Award for July was given to Levi LaBruzzy, Library Assistant in Community Outreach. Levi does a wonderful job working on the Mobile Library. As you know, working on the Mobile Library requires a special skillset of operating a vehicle, knowing your members reading/watching/listening interests, and keeping a tight schedule so that you don' t miss a stop. Levi used those skills to really help another CADL department. Recently, we needed someone to help with deliveries due to a staffing shortage. Levi stepped up and has gone above and beyond in helping fill in for deliveries. As we know, deliveries are essential for libraries receiving new items and returns and for patrons getting their holds. Levi worked with Michael to learn the routes and did an excellent job filling in so that all of you could continue to receive your deliveries and our members could continue to expect the quick turnaround for their holds to be filled.

Levi, your willingness to help, your great attitude, and your work ethic are greatly appreciated. We couldn’t do what we do without your work. Again, thank you for helping out when we needed it most! 

Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director