Learning Financial Literacy through Gaming

Children learn and grow from watching their parents, siblings, and family. Activities such as reading as a family can instill a love for reading in children.

The same is true for financial literacy.

That is why it is so important to start teaching our children, at a young age, how to manage money and create strong savings goals. Children can be part of the family spending plan discussions and even begin creating their own savings goals.

MSU Federal Credit Union has a variety of free gaming apps for children from ages two and up. Children can begin to explore financial literacy through racing, adventures, and problem solving. These games focus on financial themes such as saving, budgeting, managing monthly payments, earning money and dividends, and learning coin values. To learn more about the free financial literacy games from MSUFCU visit msufcu.org/youthapps.

Amanda Conn, MSUFCU Financial Educator

Download Dream Racer
Island Saver
Saving Draggy
Saving Magic
Saving with Piggy