The Great Good Place

Teen reading mask library.jpgIn 1989, sociologist Ray Oldenburg wrote a book called The Great Good Place. In it, he introduced the concept of a “third place.” He explained that the place we spend the most time is our home, and thus it is our “first place.” We spend a lot of time at work and so work becomes our “second place.”

But most people also have a “third place”—a place in which they choose to spend much of their free time, often engaging in social conversation. Third places can be anything—coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons and so on.

One thing I’ve learned is that the library is a “third place” for many people. I have been overwhelmed by the responses and reactions of our members that have indicated to me that we are their third place. During the pandemic, we had people tell us how much it meant to be able to receive a curbside delivery or communicate with us via phone. Since re-opening last summer, we’ve had many people express their gratitude to attend in-person programs and spend time in our library space once again.

We are pleased to be a “third place” in the Aurelius community. We want you to know that you are appreciated and welcome in our space. If the library is your third place, would you be willing to share that with us? Has the library been helpful to you in any way? Are there any library services that you particularly enjoy? Share that with us by emailing me at or you can send us mail at 1939 S Aurelius Rd, Mason, MI 48854. We would love to hear from you!

Jennifer D., Head Librarian of CADL Aurelius

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