To leave the house, or stay in?

Spider web STEM 1.jpgOn a recent Thursday afternoon, I was pulled away from working at the computer by the sounds of excited kids that came to the library for the weekly drop-in STEAM activity. They were happily working on that week’s challenge of constructing a spider web.

While this is definitely a fun activity, it’s also a learning experience.

I asked the kids questions about how they made their webs, and how they could make their webs stronger, and the project became a lesson in problem-solving and critical thinking. Connecting with kids is one of my favorite parts of working at the library and I can’t imagine replicating these kinds of interactions through a virtual platform.

On the other hand...

I recently attended a virtual event that CADL hosted with Angeline Boulley, author of the excellent debut novel The Firekeeper’s Daughter. It was held on a Saturday afternoon and after a busy morning of activities, I may not have been interested in going out again to an event. But listening to Angeline over my computer from the comfort of my sofa was lovely and relaxing. She was able to address audience questions, so it still felt very engaging and intimate even though participants were located across Michigan and maybe beyond.

These two experiences demonstrate the success of the hybrid model that CADL has adopted for programs; we can utilize the format that best meets the needs of the intended audience. We hope you’ll participate in library programs whether in person or online; there’s something for everyone!

Lynn H., Head Librarian of CADL Dansville