Everything Right Here...and There... and Over There

One of the great things about CADL, well – one of the many great things – is that we have 13 branches. That means CADL cardholders have access to 13 great libraries and all their collective resources.


You can return, check-out or pick up items from any branch. Your options are far greater with 13 library collections through which to browse and select items. Throughout the week, we have delivery between branches that keeps a constant flow of materials between branches. If an item is on the shelf at another branch, a patron can have it delivered to their branch of choice in only a day or two.


Patrons can also visit and attend programs at any of our branches. Each one of our libraries are different because the communities they serve are unique, so the program offerings at each branch varies. Some of our savvy patrons travel from branch to branch to attend our free, informational and entertaining programming.


I challenge everyone in our community to visit another branch in the system and see what it has to offer. CADL has rural, suburban and urban libraries all over Ingham county and each one is unique. You can find all our locations here. If you are feeling adventurous, visit all 13 branches!

Melissa C., CADL Downtown Lansing & South Lansing