Everything is up-to-date!

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“Everything is up-to-date in Kansas City!”

That’s a lyric 1943 musical Oklahoma! but new trends never stop. If anything, the “Covid Year” taught us how to learn things in a new and fast way. 

Take all the virtual meetings and learning for instance. Front-line staff and students didn’t have a choice but for some of us it was a welcome option.

Nevertheless, we all had to learn better hand-to-eye coordination and to formally LEAVE a meeting before we stood up.

“Mute yourself! Unmute yourself! Find the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a microphone!"

My family celebrations were loud, comic and chaotic. Much like they have always been.

But the virtual option is here to stay, and it can only improve. There is some benefit to attend a meeting from the comfort of your home on a snowy night. Can’t make it to a program in time after school or after work? A few clicks on a computer and you can have a front row seat. Students are already familiar with blended classrooms and we can expect blended programs to be a standard option in the next year.

As always, libraries will learn to adapt and grow. Digital downloads were fancy technology just a few years ago. Today those items account for about 46% of the Okemos Branch’s circulation.

Library staff is eager to learn how to use this tech to make contact and stay connected with you. You expect us to stay up to date, just like they do in Kansas City.

IMG_0865.JPGBetsy Hull, Head Librarian of CADL Okemos