Do you like saving $$$?

Use your CADL card to get free access to subscription databases like

Do you like saving $$$? The dollar value of your library card is evident in our database collection, but if you don’t know about it you can’t use it. To get started, visit the All Tools A-Z section of our Research & Learn web page. That opens a list of databases available free to CADL members.


These are some that are popular with patrons:


Consumer reports logo.jpgConsumer Reports: This is a subscription database, so you would normally pay a fee to access it. But CADL has purchased a subscription for you! You can access all the product ratings, whether you’re planning to buy a car or a vacuum cleaner, by creating an account using your library card.


Reference USA: Remember phone books? This database has directory information for 302 million individuals and 54 million businesses. Under the U.S. Business heading, search executive titles, sales volume, employee size and more.  Job seekers will find 2.5 million jobs posted under the U.S. Jobs/Internships heading!


Pronunciator: Is a trip abroad in your future? You can learn 80 languages, including English, using your computer, tablet or smart phone. This includes conversation practice, downloadable audio lessons, quizzes, kid friendly lessons and more.


I hope you explore all that your CADL card has to offer. Please visit your local branch if you need assistance. Don’t have a card yet? Sign up here to get one today!


- Ann Chapman, CADL Haslett