Debbie Bailey Receives Director's Award

Hi everyone,

I’ve given the June Director’s Award to Debbie Bailey in our Finance Department. Debbie has been with CADL since our beginning and is such a major part of our organization. Without her diligence and work ethic, it’d be difficult for many of us to completely do our jobs. In my job, I’ve talked with her about performers getting paid, bills getting paid, materials invoices getting paid and the list goes on. Her work was instrumental when we were closed due to the Stay Home/Stay Safe order. The Finance Department made sure we still functioned as an organization when we were closed and Debbie contributed to that work.

Beyond her work, many of you know that Debbie is one of the nicest people that you’ll meet. She knows so much about CADL and the staff that worked here. When I first started working at Downtown Lansing, she made me feel so welcomed. You’re such an important part of our organization and you so deserve recognition.

Thank you,

Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director