Connect with the Outside World

Winter, spring summer or fall all you have to do is call…

Or text, or email or visit a website, a Facebook page or Twitter account.

Or talk with your family on ZOOM, FaceTime or Skype.

There are so many ways to keep in touch it’s almost too much. How many times, have you said, “Did I see it in an email? And which one? Or was it a text? Or an Instant Message from work?”

But that’s the way it is in our personal lives and the way it is in school and business. As the past year has shown, we can make the technology work for us to help us feel connected with the outside world.

That’s a big purpose of the library: to help people connect with the world outside their door.

Some folks do it with books or music or movies.

Some folks use the public computers while others bring their own laptops to use the internet.

Some folks use the library as a space to be a part of community. More than ever people are looking for a sense of their place in the world and the library’s walls can provide that.

Some folks use the library just to come for programs.

Or to pick up tax forms, once year.

In any case, walk in or text, call or email. The library can help you connect with the outside world.

Betsy H., Head Librarian of CADL Okemos