Christopher Carl Receives Director's Award

I’m so pleased to let you know that I’ve given the Director’s Award for the month of May to Christopher Carl, Computer Technician. I can honestly say that Chris has had an impact on all of our work lives. He’s helped us get started with our new technology, fix issues that we’ve had and also talk or chat us through working out problems. He’s done all this with such a calm and nice demeanor.

This is what CADL coworker Carey S. had to say about Chris:

"He has always been on top of all the IT things (especially in TS) and communicates so well, never just shows up, and is super-efficient."

I know that all of us have a similar feeling to Carey’s about the way that Chris does his job. Chris, thank you for the great work you do. You’re greatly appreciated!

Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director