CADLBug Had a Very Busy July!

pelaseefingwork.jpgWhen we last left our intrepid explorer, CADLbug was resting in an historical cache in Minnesota. From there CADLbug was carried on to Missouri.

And there we finally made Bookfall! Two kind cachers escorted CADLbug to several bookish destinations around Missouri State University. Here are a couple of the locations, pictures courtesy of user dc2swhill, with help (it seems) from user RangerMom.

dc2swhill returned CADLbug to a cache shortly thereafter, with a fond farewell, “I have enjoyed my time with this trackable but I must move it on,” leaving our friend in a cache called “Cattle Country.”

From there, CADLbug had a few visitors until user CnMgreen kindly deposited it at an event called “PIRATES PLUNDER 2018.” How exciting!

After becoming a Pirate, CADLbug met its next travel companion, one LadyCache, who had this to say, “I really need to go to the library. Seems as if the only times I do go to one, is because there is a geocache there. Thanks for getting the word out about usurping libraries.”

While we’d never go so far as to promote the commandeering of libraries (on paper), it’s great to hear about the intersection of libraries with this exciting and robust hobby! We hope geocaching brings many explorers to libraries and that they find other things to enjoy there as well!

In other news, our map now has 100 pins in it! It’s somewhat difficult to see when zoomed out. Here you can see our journey overall and then the most recent (busy!) activity in gadf.pngMissouri.

To end our Adventures of CADLbug update today, CADLbug was last seen traveling around meeting more Pirates with LadyCache and is still in her keeping. With several fun destinations – and even a new profession – under its belt, what will the future hold for CADLbug next?

Thank you to all the cachers who have contributed to CADLbug’s journey so far and to those who sent messages and pictures so that we can all go along for the ride!

-Courtney T., CADL Digital Literacy Librarian