All the Tools You Need for Language Learning

Learn Sign Language med.jpgThe past couple of years we’ve been developing the Language and Literacy collection at Downtown and South Lansing. It is intended to serve members who are interested in Adult Basic English, learning a language, and reading in a non-English language.

Our Adult Basic English collection includes print and digital materials that help improve reading and writing skills. It also includes English as a second language (ESOL) material and citizenship resources. We have programs that support ESOL and citizenship, like drop-in classes and personalized help.

Our language acquisition collection has a variety of print and audio languages to choose from. We also provide access to Pronunciator. It has over 164 different languages with conversation practice, quizzes and flashcards.

The World Languages collection at Downtown features adult and children titles in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Arabic, Russian and Vietnamese. We have a combination of translations of popular English titles and foreign titles. We also have digital magazine in 20 different languages on OverDrive and a great collection of foreign films in the library and on Kanopy.

If you are interested in improving your English skills, studying for citizenship, want to learn a new language, or are interested in reading or watching in another language, then check out our Language and Literacy collections at Downtown and South Lansing.

Melissa C., Head Librarian of CADL Downtown Lansing

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