Oh My Gods!

  • Type: Books
  • By: Stephanie Cooke
  • Age Category: Children
  • Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror, Graphic Novels
  • Recommended by: Kat V.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9780358299523
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This adorable story was fun to read from beginning to end!

 The story is lighthearted, the characters delightful, the illustrations bright and beautiful. The one possibly negative thing I could say about it is that it is pure fluff- but who doesn't need that sometimes? I enjoyed it all the way through, including the character blurbs at the back of the book, and I hope it ends up in the hands of lots of kids who will have just as much fun reading it as I did.
This would make a great introduction to graphic novels, but I would recommend it to any middle school aged kid who used to like My Little Pony, Teen Titans Go, Disney Channel's Jesse, or other shows and books in that vein.