The Secrets of Astrology

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  • Age Category: Children
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Recommended by: Eric S.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9780744023664
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Can the stars and planets provide us with insight?

Astrology is a form of divination (forecasting future events) that has its roots in the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Today practitioners of various spiritualities also use it as a means of self-reflection and personal growth.  Although I don’t personally put a lot of credence in it, I find the influence that it has had throughout the ages to be a fascinating study.  Also, I think it can be a fun way to get people to discuss and reflect on the concept of personality and human differences.   

When I came across this book in the library, I was initially drawn to the style in which it was formatted.  The information is arranged along with really “cool” illustrations in a way that is unique to DK Publishing.  It is a children’s adaptation of Carole Taylor’s book Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life, which is also published by DK. However, I think this book is more geared toward tween and young adult readers.  The text is chock-full of facts about the origins and workings of astrology.  Readers will learn about some of the basic astronomical characteristics associated with constellations and planets as well as the mythology related to stars that form each of the zodiac signs. 

This is an interesting and enjoyable read regardless of whether you believe in the claims of astrology or not. So, whether you’re someone who occasionally enjoys reading a horoscope, or compares sun signs for grins among your friends or are just curious about the topic in general, there’s something here for you.