• Type: Music
  • By: Anderson.Paak
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Jazz/Blues/Soul
  • Recommended by: Sam W.
  • ISBN/UPC: 190296904929
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Laid-back, easy-listening from Anderson .Paak

I’m a little bias, as Anderson .Paak and myself both hail from Ventura County, CA. Ventura was recorded around the same time as his previous album Oxnard. Both albums pay homage to the cities they’re named after. Paak spent his youth between both cities, he has said that Oxnard is the more, gritty hip-hop album, whereas Ventura is the more laid-back, R&B album. Anyone from VC can attest that Paak accurately reflects the energy of both cities on each album. Ventura is steeped in classic R&B and jazz influences. My favorite track on the album, “Make it Better,” featuring Smokey Robinson, is a song that both musically and lyrically hearkens back to Robinson’s best work, making the song that much more perfect.  I would still love Ventura even if it wasn’t an album that was a tribute to my hometown. But I think it fills me pride knowing that something so great could come out of the little-known beachside city I’m from.