Hinduism for Dummies

  • Type: Audiobooks
  • By: A. V. Srinivasan
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Recommended by: Eric S.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9781618036575
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Dummies books are a great resource for life-long learners

One of my hobbies is reading and learning about other religions. Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion in terms of number of adherents. So, I’ve been interested in learning more about this faith for a long time. However, it’s belief system always appeared to be too complex for me to get a basic understanding of it. This was the case for me, until I came across Hinduism for Dummies. This book is structured in a way that readers will gain an overview of the deities, beliefs, practices, rituals and sacred places of this religious tradition. I initially listened to the audiobook version on Hoopla, but also checked-out a print copy so I could review specific areas that I wanted to spend more time studying. 

Some of you may be wondering why I am reviewing a Dummies book. Indeed, from an aesthetic perspective, these books appear to be boring, especially if one focuses on the uniform yellow cover. However, the Dummies series is great for life-long learners who wish to gain an introductory knowledge on just about any subject in a relatively short period of time. These books are usually packed with facts and a wealth of information written by experts in the given field.