Signs of Attraction

Can two emotionally scarred students trust the immediate spark between them?

A new adult angsty romance about Carli a teacher ed student nearing graduation (who’s made it to her Senior year hiding her hearing loss) and hits a wall when she ends up in a linguistics class taught by a man with a mustache who talks in a range she can’t hear at all—to add insult to injury her hearing aid batteries die and she can’t find replacements in her backpack. In walks grad student and classmate, Reed who recognizes her issues, offers batteries from the stash he keeps for his hard of hearing elementary students, and explains accommodations that could help her get through the course. When all she's ever wanted is to hide her hearing issues, Reed who is deaf, pulls her into his circle of friends and the deaf and hard of hearing community. It's a steamy romance and an interesting look into the everyday life for people with the a range of hearing loss. Trigger warning for abuse.