The One World Schoolhouse

  • Type: Audiobooks
  • By: Salman Khan
  • Age Category: Adults
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Recommended by: Eric S.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9781624061417
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A New Vision of the Future of Education

The author is the founder of the Khan Academy, which is a popular web-based service that offers students tutoring primarily in STEM related disciplines via YouTube videos. Through his experience over the past decade in building this service, Khan formulated many revolutionary ideas about learning and education. He envisions a world in which information technology coupled with self-paced learning will provide students, anywhere on the planet, regardless of socioeconomic class, with access to a high-quality education. His ideas are presented in this book. The One World Schoolhouse is a must-read for readers who yearn for a better and more equitable educational system that is tailored to fit the needs of a 21century world.