A different take on Brazil through the eyes of four young women.

Hello meet Lena, Preta, Barbarah and Mayah, the four talented women who make up the musical group Antonia. The story line of this movie could read: a group of women are trying to become a female rap group. But that is way too simplistic. The movie is really about each woman’s life: her joys, goals, struggles, the importance of Antonia to her and her view of what it means to be female in Brazil. If you enjoy independent films or enjoyed any of the following movies: Real Women Have Curves; Selena; The Sapphires, and the original Sparkle you will not be disappointed. This movie really needs a sequel it packs a lot into a short span. And the music does not disappoint, the actresses really can sing, the music is pretty good and range from classic R&B to hip hop.