Justified, Season 1

FX’s fabulous adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s Raylan!

When a shooting on the job is questioned, U. S. Marshall Raylan Givens is transferred to a Kentucky office much too close to his coal country home in Harlan County. Timothy Olyphant’s dry wit as Raylan and the fabulous chemistry between him and Walton Groggins as Boyd Crowder (a childhood friend and now local criminal) caught my attention from the start. Keep in mind Crowder doesn’t survive the short story he was introduced in (“Fire in the Hole” from When the Women Come Out To Dance: Stories) and wasn’t meant to survive the tv pilot, but the way Olyphant and Groggins play off each other was too good to give up. FX’s adaptation keeps the style Leonard is known for with a great blend of Western and Crime story with both wit and suspense. Great writing and great acting!